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Depending on who you want to reach and how you want to reach them, finding the perfect business list may be as simple knowing the appropriate Standard Industrial Code (SIC). Every industry is assigned a code number. Search by these codes and you can easily find your market. Business marketing lists come with the standard address, company name and industry classification and often also have the option to add selects, which will vary depending on the list source. Depending on the list source, minimum order quantities may apply. Business list costs are determined by the source, the select criteria, and the volume ordered. There are databases available that list virtually every business in the country. When buying Business Lists, you receive standard data (such as listed below) and often also have the option to add selects. Here are some examples: Typical Standard DataCompany NameComplete Postal AddressIndustry Classification (SIC)Typical Select DataContact NameTitle/Job FunctionTelephone …

List57 Has Fresh Consumer Leads For Sale

List57 Has Fresh Consumer Leads For Sale. Contact via Mobile, Phones, Email or Postal Databases
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Consumer Marketing Lists To Quickly Grow Your Business Call Center Leads 5 Million Email Marketing Database Gamblers Lists Insurance Leads Internet Optins – Many Verticals Sweepstakes Players Leads Timeshare Owners List Consumers Lists Targeted With Many Selections  List57 can help you target new homeowners/new movers, Rich People, People in Debt, Individuals who have an ARM expiring in 2 months, senior citizens or veterans, golfers, tennis players, fishermen, craft enthusiasts or individuals within almost any demographic or interest you can imagine. Consumer Marketing Leads, Databases, Phone, Email, List57.comWe have access to the largest, most comprehensive consumer databases in the world. With over 100 million households and 220 million consumers, compiled directly from county recorder and assessor files, marketers can target prospects that genera…

List57 Marketing Lists, Leads and Databases

List57 Marketing Lists, Leads and Databases Grow Your Business Quickly With Our Targeted Marketing Lists, Leads and Databases Inbound Live Call Transfers or Press 1 Campaign We make thousands of targeted phone calls with a custom message regarding your niche, asking them to “Press 1 to be transferred to a live agent standing by”. Is The Leader In Inbound LIve Call Transfers Leads! • Learn more about our Inbound Live Call Transfer Leads here. Inbound Live Call Transfers - Press 1 Campaign
Real-Time Marketing Lists, Leads, Databases of Targeted Consumers Like a high stakes race, online marketing is becoming a place where a sale can be won by a whisker, or a photo finish, where the deal is won by a millisecond (via API Feed), with real-time leads of prospects. Is The Leader In Real-Time, Targeted Consumer Leads! • Learn more about our Targeted Real-Time Consumer Lists, Leads and Databases here. Create Your Own Custom, Exclusive, Real-Time Marketing Lists and Leads Cu…